Turn up your notch with this grand piece from Banned Apparel. Go from regular skinny jeans to tartan. The black tartan jeans are a staple and fabulous jeans wardrobe essential, super cute, and stylish. They are a great pair to rock in summer, winter, fall, or spring. Whatever the season, get comfy with these jaw-dropping jeans at Egg and Chips Company, UK.

The tartan skinny jeans are red and black rock able jeans designed to be a must-have. Tartan to the front and plain black at the back, it is a combination of polyester, cotton, and elastane. It’s designed with plain pockets in front and a tartan pocket at the back as well as an Applique buckle. For a lean and stylish look, the tartan is the way to go. Update your wardrobe.

Teaming the tartan skinny jeans is always a fantastic experience for that extra edge. With a variety of choice tops and blazers, dress-up just got dazzling. Get styled in the most amazing tops to look unique and attractive. Play around dark pullover sweater, short sleeve mock neck top, cropped T-shirt, black leather jacket, and an endless list. Just go from dazzle to smashing with your looks. 

Comfort and class are features to expect as the elastane gives a stretchy effect. With a combination of cotton and polyester, skinny jeans have never been trendier. The natural feel of cotton and a mix of strong, flexible poly is a great blend.

The slimming skinny jeans are great for all women no matter the shape and size. They are great to elongate and slim down silhouette in seconds. Be youthful and chic, spice your wardrobe with black tartan skinny jeans. Sample this trendy while it is hot to show the feminine and classy you. 

Get these sophisticated jeans from Egg and Chips, London at a pocket-friendly price.

Dead Threads – Pinstriped Men’s Punk Bondage Trousers

Threads – Pinstriped Men’s Punk Bondage Trousers

The pinstriped men’s punk bondage trouser is a stunning way to class your style. With this Haute from Dead threads, create an iconic look. The vintage punk theme is readily available at Egg and Chips, UK. 

Pinstripes are rule-breaker wears for the adventurous. Worn the right way, they can stand side by side with any formal outfit. Pairing them with a smart-casual sweatshirt and minimalist trainers will work for a business-casual event. The pinstriped men’s punk bondage trousers offer various grades of stylish versatility. Interestingly, the dead threads pinstripe can be worn as everyday wear. For the less adventurous dresser, don’t break a sweat. Just go back to the basics and add a touch of character to the minimal looks. 

Being a fashion icon doesn’t come from having one style but several upgraded versions. Get variations of it and build your style in a distinguishing way. Feel like your most stylish self and highlight a punk look with head-turning glazes. The Dead Threads’ punk trouser helps to reflect your personality. So be unstoppable in this game-changer trousers.

As part of its features, the pinstriped punk trouser comes in straight legs that easily fit into boots. It has waist adjusters for a more comfortable feeling, a zipper at the bottom, and a zipper fly. Decorated in straps with buckles, eyelets in chrome finish, and D-rings to give a glam look. Also crafted into the style are four pockets; two in front and two at the back. The black trouser has its stitching and button in black and is made from 100% cotton. Not forgetting the detachable metal chains on trigger clips in chrome finish.

Egg and Chips clothing company, UK showcases the pinstriped punk trousers at a mouth-watering price. Additionally, a return back policy that’s suits you has you covered. Read the policy for customer protection.