Here’s one timeless piece of versatile clothing from Banned Clothing, a wardrobe should never lack. Looks can be transformed irrespective of the event or occasion. The lace bats cardi is a combination of chic and comfy for all in-between seasons. Put a spin on your looks with this classic piece.

Experiment with different looks with the bats cardi, it has no fashion rule whatsoever. The button-up lace cardi can be styled to give that look of a celebrity. Whatever your swag, traditional or modern spin rock the cardi like a street-style star. This outerwear puts a finishing touch to an outfit. It works as an option for work to party schedule.

Not sure about committing to the cardi fashion style? Play around with pairing by styling the lace bat from banned clothing with your favorite designs. The weather can also define a style, there are myriad ways to dress up and go. 

Depending on the design chosen, the lace bats cardi is comfortable. It is made from 70% cotton and 30% nylon knit.  Embroidered in lace bat print, Halloween just got fun. Other features are a round neckline, long sleeves, and a front button tailored for a glam look.

The intriguing thing about cardigans is that it can be worn with just about any bottom. A classic idea is on crop tops or T-shirts on jeans. Rock it up with an A-line skirt, roll necks, shorts, skirts, palazzo, or a summery dress. Reveal a little sexiness as you button up the center of the sweater to show your tummy. Have fun and experiment.

The lace bats cardi comes in newer and modernized sets, but check out Egg and Chips stores, UK for vintage and sustainable styles to flight with. Make the bats sweater a fashion statement. So hit the street and get jaws dropping with Banned Clothing lace bats cardi. 



Finding the perfect shoes can take a lot of challenging time, however, the search ends here. Vesper Steampunk Heels Features from Hades shoes is a die for. It’s a love at first sight experience with this work-to-weekend shoe. A piece of gorgeousness that bespeaks versatility and sophistication. This premium brand from Hades is a perfect choice and an essential for every woman’s wardrobe.

Let your feet do the talking as a little trendy touch of the steampunk spinal shoe inspires high volumes. This footwear looks excellent with diverse outfits and makes a statement. It keeps looks classy and stylish no matter what it’s teamed with. The spinal sale item is perfect for parties. Not only are they unique but great for celebrations. When you see how classy these shoes are, they will become your new favorite pair. The Vesper steampunk is a perfect team for any jewelry, bag, and more

The Hades signature 5’ spinal heel with 1.5’ bone platform is easy to walk in. you’d love the perfect height the shoe gives. It not only gives a hot look but an increased self-confidence. Designed in small metal studs line at the center from top to bottom of the boot. The punk reference shoe is sure to get you the attention of people.

Hades vesper steampunk is a custom chrome-plated spinal heel and platform. It’s shiny black with a two-layered reptile print perfect for celebratory events. This go-to-power footwear is excellent with a trench coat, jacket, fur, midi skirt, trench coat, and a mini or midi dress. 

The values of the Vesper steampunk heels are just endless. It comes with a money-back guarantee and free UK shipping. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; a worldwide shipping service is available. Order a pair from Egg and Chips stores, UK as the spinal heels is a fast sell-out.



Turn up your notch with this grand piece from Banned Apparel. Go from regular skinny jeans to tartan. The black tartan jeans are a staple and fabulous jeans wardrobe essential, super cute, and stylish. They are a great pair to rock in summer, winter, fall, or spring. Whatever the season, get comfy with these jaw-dropping jeans at Egg and Chips Company, UK.

The tartan skinny jeans are red and black rock able jeans designed to be a must-have. Tartan to the front and plain black at the back, it is a combination of polyester, cotton, and elastane. It’s designed with plain pockets in front and a tartan pocket at the back as well as an Applique buckle. For a lean and stylish look, the tartan is the way to go. Update your wardrobe.

Teaming the tartan skinny jeans is always a fantastic experience for that extra edge. With a variety of choice tops and blazers, dress-up just got dazzling. Get styled in the most amazing tops to look unique and attractive. Play around dark pullover sweater, short sleeve mock neck top, cropped T-shirt, black leather jacket, and an endless list. Just go from dazzle to smashing with your looks. 

Comfort and class are features to expect as the elastane gives a stretchy effect. With a combination of cotton and polyester, skinny jeans have never been trendier. The natural feel of cotton and a mix of strong, flexible poly is a great blend.

The slimming skinny jeans are great for all women no matter the shape and size. They are great to elongate and slim down silhouette in seconds. Be youthful and chic, spice your wardrobe with black tartan skinny jeans. Sample this trendy while it is hot to show the feminine and classy you. 

Get these sophisticated jeans from Egg and Chips, London at a pocket-friendly price.

Dead Threads – Pinstriped Men’s Punk Bondage Trousers

Threads – Pinstriped Men’s Punk Bondage Trousers

The pinstriped men’s punk bondage trouser is a stunning way to class your style. With this Haute from Dead threads, create an iconic look. The vintage punk theme is readily available at Egg and Chips, UK. 

Pinstripes are rule-breaker wears for the adventurous. Worn the right way, they can stand side by side with any formal outfit. Pairing them with a smart-casual sweatshirt and minimalist trainers will work for a business-casual event. The pinstriped men’s punk bondage trousers offer various grades of stylish versatility. Interestingly, the dead threads pinstripe can be worn as everyday wear. For the less adventurous dresser, don’t break a sweat. Just go back to the basics and add a touch of character to the minimal looks. 

Being a fashion icon doesn’t come from having one style but several upgraded versions. Get variations of it and build your style in a distinguishing way. Feel like your most stylish self and highlight a punk look with head-turning glazes. The Dead Threads’ punk trouser helps to reflect your personality. So be unstoppable in this game-changer trousers.

As part of its features, the pinstriped punk trouser comes in straight legs that easily fit into boots. It has waist adjusters for a more comfortable feeling, a zipper at the bottom, and a zipper fly. Decorated in straps with buckles, eyelets in chrome finish, and D-rings to give a glam look. Also crafted into the style are four pockets; two in front and two at the back. The black trouser has its stitching and button in black and is made from 100% cotton. Not forgetting the detachable metal chains on trigger clips in chrome finish.

Egg and Chips clothing company, UK showcases the pinstriped punk trousers at a mouth-watering price. Additionally, a return back policy that’s suits you has you covered. Read the policy for customer protection.



Dead Threads Women’s Red Skirt with Heart Buttons 

The Women’s Red Skirt with Heart Buttons from Dead Thread is a woman’s prized possession. It comes in a high-quality cotton fabric material, with a well-tailored design structured to accentuate the hips and waistline. What more can a girl ask for in a skirt? The choice of red gives that warm and sexy appeal every girl loves to look in. It comes in various sizes, so you only have to place your order. Check our Punk clothing collection on Egg n Chips Clothing, UK, and you will have yourself looking radiantly sexy in no distant time.

This hot red skirt s designed with black strips at the bottom and in front of a beautiful v-shape trimming. It can double as corporate wear or wear on a social event and is perfect with any top. You only need to switch style and go straight to a hot date from work with the Dead Threads Women’s Red Skirt with Heart Buttons.  Heads are sure to turn in your direction all day.

As part of its unique design, it has decorative black heart shape buttons and pockets that get you noticed. Interestingly, the Women’s Red Skirt with Heart Buttons comes in high quality 100% cotton material, with washing and straitening very easy. Durability is a guarantee from Egg n Chips Clothing with an anti fades resistance on the fabric, so no worries.

Rave up your confident look with an opening on the bottom of the back to give you that sexy appeal with much input. You can be sure of ease of mobility with this added feature. Structured with a zipper opening on the side, slipping in and out of the skirt is easy and fun.

Don’t miss out on the Women’s Red Skirt with Heart Buttons from Dead Threads available at Eggs n Chips stores while stock lasts. You can trust our prices; they are affordable.



Dead Threads – Women’s Black with Leopard Details Skirt

Egg n Chips Clothing, London presents this Women’s Black with Leopard Details Skirt from Dead Threads.

The Dead Threads – Women’s Black with Leopard, Details Skirt is a finely and neatly sewn skirt. Artistically structured in black with red stitching and leopard details in front to the rear of the skirt, dazzling you’d say. This red and black leopard design gives it an attraction that puts it right in the center.

This Women’s Black with Leopard Details Skirt comes with a front zip that gives a proper-fitting stylish look. Our high-quality fabric has a distinctive pattern, which provides it with a touch of class and style.

There are good several reasons for which The Dead Threads – Women’s Black with Leopard Details Skirt is a necessity for your collection. It comes in an elastic material that allows for fitness for any size or shape. Be a part of that irresistible hot look girl fashion the skirt gives. It is timeless and a good companion for all kinds of social events.

Generally, the Women’s Black with Leopard Details Skirt serves as an excellent piece for a social outing and comfortable wear. It can be combined easily with any shade of top to give you a glam look at any time. It’s bound to serve you for all seasons and at any event. Don’t you love an outfit that got you covered always?

So never get stuck with what to wear, when the Women’s Black with Leopard Details Skirt can do the magic. Just go for it.

Don’t forget to make haste to Eggs n Chips Clothing, London, to pick up your skirt before stock runs out. Our clothes are available at affordable prices for your convenience, so hurry and don’t miss out on this opportunity.



Dead Threads Black Sexy Mini Skirt

Are you looking for a sexy mini skirt? Then search no further as Eggs n Chips offers a Dead threads Black Sexy Mini Skirt for a drop-dead gorgeous appearance.

It is a black mini skirt with a monochrome square design at the hemline as well as two black and white bows that accentuates the design.  A smashing mini skirt for any girl to rock you’d agree.

Here’s a black evergreen skirt that’s perfect for an everyday look. The material is an absolute favorite and preferred by many-the ideal silhouette for any body type that can work magic for your frame irrespective of the shape. Hence don’t think twice about purchasing it, because if you snooze, you loss.

The Dead threads Black Sexy Mini Skirt is made of 100% cotton material. The fabric is kept away from the skin and allows for air, making it comfy. Maintenance of the mini skirt is smooth and stress-free. The material guarantees durability cos it’s less likely to tear or rip in the nearest future.

This Black Sexy Mini Skirt will remind you of your school days and helps you relieve those stylish moments. If you want to remain charming and dazzling, no matter your age, then this piece from Dead threads is what you need.

Its simplicity in design gives an excellent look for every girl. Even with its pattern, it offers different looks to each wearer. The trend is suitable for beach outings, clubs, and parties. It goes with any colorful top of your choice, as well as a net or lace leggings.

The Dead Threads Black Sexy Mini Skirt is a pocket-friendly piece available at Eggs n Chips Clothing, London, in limited quantity. So hurry to grab yours and be the fashion icon to get the attention at every event.




Eggs n Chips clothing, London brings an all season Dead threads Women’s Polka Dots Skirt for a sassy and classy look.

Your wardrobe would be missing something glamorous if you fail to get this timeless Polka Dots Skirt. What a way to be in vogue always as this polka skirt never go out of style. This fun mini black skirt with white dots and cherry offers a stylish design that is sure to keep you trending all seasons.

With its black stripes and red bow, you can play with floras, plaids and print as a combination to get a stunning look. It will be perfect with a tank top and jacket to breeze through fun events. Be a different fashion icon anytime with a different accessory and tops when you rock this Dead Threads Women’s Polka Dots Skirt. It is timeless.

A super chic office look is what you’d get when you combine this skirt with any plain colored crisp blouse. Don’t forget accessorize with quality leather items to rav up your appearance, you’re bound to look explicitly gorgeous and sophisticated. So going from corporate to a party princess just got really easy.

Whatever the situation, from office to party or any street style look, our Punk clothing collection has got you covered with this 100% cotton skirt.

Durability and laundry are not a nightmare; there is a guarantee of a no-fade, just wear and wash as you please.

Eggs n Chips Clothing is well trusted by ladies who have been styled with Dead threads to get those ahhhs!

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of Dead threads women’s polka dots skirt for a classy look. Hurry up to get a piece of this limited design. Excellence and value is all that matters at Eggs n Chips Clothing.



95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

KILLSTAR is a beautiful brand that always has something unique to offer. Here is another beautiful clothing made out of cotton and Elastane.  This beautiful skirt can be matched up on anything with its black background and ghostly white printing.

Every woman with a high sense of fashion shouldn’t miss out on this highly demanded skirt stock.

This satanic skirt by KILLSTAR is black and short above the knee skirt. It is very comfortable to walk in, and you can wear it to almost every function.

If you’re looking for attraction, then our Satanic Skirt is what you need to be spotted out from the crowd. Be that outstanding girl or woman at that occasion everyone wants to meet and have a conversation with.

KILLSTAR provides you with this special SATANIC SKIRT in small (s), x small sizes, medium (m), and x large sizes. Our sizes cover women of different body sizes and shapes.

Rock your beautiful Satanic Skirt with a black or white tank top/ t-shirt/ vest top or a jacket for elegance.

KILLSTAR guarantees longevity. It is made of excellent 95%cotton and 5%elastene texture that allows you to wash and wear for a very long time. Don’t worry about the ghostly white print, because it won’t ever fade out. Our Satanic Skirt is indeed a keeper.

Get your Satanic Skirt by KILLSTAR in the clothing store that supplies the best in clothing and footwear in the UK. Shop now from Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Do miss out on the opportunity to get our KILLSTAR SATANIC SKIRT while stock still last. Shop with us today and get our beautiful modern, stylish clothing and glamour at very affordable prices. Get our beautiful Satanic Skirt for your friends and relatives, and they will thank you for it.



100% Cotton

This unisex FASHION T-SHIRT from KILLSTAR keeps you looking glamorous and pleased. It is a T-shirt made for both Men and women. You and your partner can even wear a pair.

Our glamorous short length sleeve and round shape neck prepare you to stand out in every gathering. You will always have that feeling of class wearing the Skull T-Shirt.

This round neck casual T-shirt has a modern and stylish look and lets you fit in perfectly at parties. It’s a unisex T-shirt so you can wear it with your spouse, opposite-sex sibling or even a friend. It allows you to keep with the 21st-century trend.

It is a black T-shirt with a white skull printings at the front. You can wear it with black or white pants, shorts, or a skirt. It gives you the feeling of high sense fashion and that killer look.

THE KILLSTAR UNISEX SKULL T-SHIRT comes in 100 % cotton for that feeling of comfort. It is very durable wear that will stand the test of time. You can wear and wash for as long as you will have it. It is a high-quality T-shirt that will not fade out even after several washing.

THE UNISEX SKULL T-SHIRT is an outfit made for every man and woman who wants that outstanding look in every gathering. It comes in the different sizes to fit your different body shape and size. It ranges from Small (S) to XX-Large sizes.

You can always find our clothing on the leading alternative clothing store the UK, Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Do miss out on the opportunity to get our KILLSTAR for UNISEX SKULL T-SHIRT while stock still last. Shop with us today and get our beautiful modern, stylish clothing and glamour at very affordable prices.