Brooke Pencil Skirt by Banned Apparel

The Banned Apparel here offers you a unique concept in the fashion industry with its carefully crafted and enticing Brooke Pencil skirt available for immediate purchase at Eggs n Chips Clothing, London.

The Brooke Pencil skirt is a combination of class and style due to its carefully chosen print of a skull and flower designs to help accentuate its look. It is a knee length skirt with a black background and an array of warm and inviting colours to set you on fire.

The Brooke Pencil skirt by Banned Apparel is styled especially for plus size ladies. So if you have a waistline of 36 upwards, then you are sure we’ve got just the perfect fit for you.

The Brooke Pencil skirt is well structured by the Banned Apparel from the waist line to knee level. It’s designed perfectly with you in mind – body wise; as a way of adding more to your confidence and appreciation of your looks.

Its use of a slit at the rear helps for a smooth movement bringing more life to your motion. The invisible zip at the back of the skirt makes for easy wearing and removal, all towards giving you that good feeling and looks for that date, special event, party or social function.

Besides having a firm waistline, the skirt is designed intentionally with the right curves in the right place giving it an overall fitness that makes it easier to combine with an utterly cute top stress-free.

The Brooke Pencil skirt by Banned Apparel offers you a 97% cotton and 3% elastane fabric made from high-quality materials and excellent print technology. You are guaranteed a durable usage and washing experience for a long time to come.

All purchases are secured with a 14-day money back guarantee but based on Eggs n Chips Clothing return policy. Are you ordering now? Then expect immediate despatch, no delays what so ever.