Jawbreaker’s Fearless Collar Dress

Jawbreakers Fearless Collar Dress
Jawbreakers Fearless Collar Dress

The Jawbreaker clothing presents this fearless collar dress, clothing that purely gives you the ‘good girl turn bad’ looks in a black fierce looking mini gown. A style advice, only available now at UK’s leading alternative clothing store, Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

The fearless collar dress is a short sleeve black dress with a white Peter Pan collar to accentuate the looks. The Fearless dress comes with a beautifully embroidered “fearless heart” design in front to pass home the message better. It takes a lot of nerves to appear and be seen in a ‘fearless collar dress’ by the Jawbreaker family as it sure can stand you out anytime, keeping the focus on you.

The dress presents an A-line swirl skirt and mini black gown for your eyes only but worn by the bold, fashionable and classy. It’s a perfect fit for your wardrobe and the best attired for that night out with that special someone.

With such sparingly used design concept of a fearless heart embroidery using red, a touch of green, yellow, white on black inscriptions you sure get noticed.

The rear of the fearless gown evokes a keyhole cut-out, a black button to fasten dress on a well-cut, neatly sewn clothing displaying your sensualities at all the right curves.

The body structure evokes such great style it fits true to body size ranging from small to extra-large frame sizes available.

The fearless collar dress by Jawbreaker comes from 95% cotton for thickness and 5% elastane for excellent friction and fitness. With such high-quality fabric, you have assured a long-lasting washing experience, excellent print durability, and anti-fade resistance.

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