Abbey Dawn Is Coming To Egg and Chips Clothing

That’s right we’re are proud to announce that next Spring, that’s spring 2012 we are launching Abbey Dawn the fantastic clothing line from Avril Lavigne. Theirs some seriously cool shoes and clothes from her huge range, including studded shoes and wedges. As you can expect we’ll be stocking the best of the best in Punk Rock Clothing from her Abbey Dawn Spring 12 collection. If you don’t know who Avril Lavigne is, then where have you been for the last 8 years? This lady has brought rock and roll to the pop world and we can say your sure gonna love her Abbey Dawn range, here is just a sneak peak at what you can expect.

Punk Dresses from Dead Threads

tartan-button-up-dressPunk clothing is loud and makes a statement. Whether it’s through the choice of design and style, or the use of lavish and often garish colours, the most important thing when choosing punk clothes is to try and stand out. Dead Threads excels in helping punks to achieve that very goal.


Dead Threads punk dresses range from frilly tartan to petty coat skirts and there’s a wide selection of other punk, rockabilly, and psychobilly styles to suit your tastes and requirements. For the ultimate in punk looks, choose Dead Threads punk dresses which are memorable for all the right

Punk Clothing Competition

An awesome competition from Punk Chyaz to enter the competition follow the instructions on the video. Find the rules below and don’t forget to visit her channel

Tattoo-inspired make up contest!


1. You must be a subscriber of mine to enter
2. You must post your entry as a video response to this video, with ‘Punkchyaz contest’ somewhere in the title
3. Must be 16 or over or have parental permission
4. Open internationally


Ruff Rider Biker Jacket from Iron Fist Clothing

ruff-rider-biker-jacketIron Fist clothing and accessories have an awesome old school punk style to them with a unique modern twist that you won’t see from any other designers. From the Ruff Rider biker Jacket with it’s awesome fitted shape and design to the Blanca Nieves Snow White range, you can use Iron First clothes as the perfect signature piece for your punk rock look.


As you can see on the left the Ruff Rider Biker Jacket is super cool with it’s fitted design it’s the perfect addition to your punk clothing look. You can wear it with a skirt or a pair of skinny fit jeans it’s up to you.

Use christmasspecial when checking out to nab a £5 discount; valid until 23rd December.


If your doing rush Christmas shop, weather permitting we guarantee last minute dispatch within 48 hours, usually within 24 hours for any of our Iron Fist punk clothes and accessories ordered before 23rd December. This means that you can have anything from the Jungle Fever Prom Dress or any of our popular Iron First clothing range in time for Christmas even if you leave your shopping a little late this year we guarantee your goods will be dispatched by the 23rd December.

Wrenched Up Lucky 13 T Shirt

wrenched-up-t-shirtAt Egg and Chips we try and bring you the best punk t shirts around and to do this we have to source our punk t shirts from many different brands and it’s been a long time coming but we finally bring you Lucky 13 Clothing, that’s right you can now get Lucky 13 Clothing from

Check out this punk t shirt with the Wrench Head design on the front perfect for punk rockers and petrol heads alike. This t shirt rocks and to top it off the Lucky 13 t shirts fit great, if your looking for Lucky 13 clothing, then look no further, Egg and Chips Clothing brings them to you at some of the best prices in the UK.

So what are you waiting for, head on over to our punk store and bag yourself one today, don’t forget to sing up to our mailing list to grab yourself a £10 off voucher.

Zombie Chomper Bikini

zombie-chomper-bikiniIron Fist Clothing have excelled again with this Zombie Chomper bikini, straight out of our hot new Alternative Swimwear range.

It has a beautiful design as with all Iron Fist produce, this has been proving incredibly popular and we know you just have to get yourself one, these have a stretchy fit and as pictured left fits great.

You will have all eyes on you at the beach as this zombie chomper bikini hugs your figure like a dream, to get yours head on over to our store and don’t forget to join our mailing list for hot £10 off voucher to spend at our store making this beautiful bikini only £29.95.

Iron Fist Clothing – Welcome Aboard Wedges

Are you ready for summer?
Are you ready to make all your friends jealous?
Well get ready because those genius designers, famously known as Iron Fist have done it again.
These beautiful Wedge Shoes available at are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Whether worn with a cute skirt or some skinny fit jeans they’ll make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.
The wedges feature adorable little anchors and a cute pinstripe pattern and will make you the star attraction at any event.

Get Your Punk Clothes Right Here!

iron-fist-clothing-zebra-print-skinny-fit-jeans-frontWhy do you keep on looking for punk clothes? When you can find them right here! We at Egg & Chips know how to pick the hottest punk clothes at the trade shows, can you argue with that? When you can see this awesome pair of zebra jeans.

Yep, these great fitting zebra jeans have been an instant favorite here at Egg & Chips, can’t you see why? Well, not only do they grip your skin like their a second skin but they are made from a gorgeous stretchy cotton/spandex twill fabric meaning they stretch to fit any women’s legs and their smooth and comfy.

Their a lowrise hipster jeans meaning they fit your hips perfectly and show of your belly, as you can see by the pictures below they look sexy with heels but also look great with sneakers and flats. They have Iron Fist Clothing logo embroidery on the right leg front pocket and huge tiger embroidery on the right leg back pocket.

One of the best features of these jeans is the blue leopard lining, seriously well designed zebra jeans for all you punk clothing fanatics out there.

Grab these jeans zebra jeans and loads more punk clothes from our webstore using the discount code “zebra jeans” without the quotations of course and grab yourself 10% off.

Zebra JeansZebra Jeans

Kreepsville 666 I Love Zombies Tank Top

I Love Zombies TankAre you ready to get kreepy? Are you ready to Kreep out your friends? With Kreepsville 666 you can, this Kreepsville 666 tank top (pictured left) is yet another awesome design from those talented designers over at Kreepsville 666.

Not only do their immensely popular Bone Hand necklaces (pictured left) go with any psychobilly outfit, they go especiially well with this zombified I Love Zombies tank top.

Whether you call them boy beaters or tank tops, the Kreepsville 666 Tanks cling to you like a second skin, super comfy and super sexy. The tank top in question has a green zombie heart dripping over the kreepy I love Zombies design.

You seriously cannot go wrong with this tank top, get it from along with hordes more Kreepsville 666 goodies.

Punk Clothing

Punk Clothing has been present in the Alternative Community since the birth of punk, we have all like it or not became witness to the subculture of punk rock fashion that soon followed. When it comes to punk rock clothing we think denim punk jackets, leather jackets, punk studs, chains, plaid, offensive punk t shirts and all things torn and distressed as worn by punk rock bands past and present. This is in stark contrast to the decades fading, rival movement of hippies who would sport long hair, and light, flowing loose-fitting clothes.

We can thank punk rock bands like New York Doll’s, The Ramones, London’s Sex Pistols and The Clash for popularising the maverick punk clothing style but, of course, we can’t mention Punk clothes with out giving credit to Dame Vivienne Westwood. With out Ms Westwood along side Malcom McLaren opening their Kings Road boutique SEX thirty years ago punk rock clothing would not be as we know it today.

Now in 2009 many celebrities keep this style alive today, these include Green day, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Rancid, Haley Williams, Pink and Kelly Osbourne to name just a few.

It’s safe to say punk rock clothing has its place firmly in the history books but the fashion certainly has no intention of dying out any time soon. Not only is there the global, loyal punk scene masses, but these garish looks frequently leak into the mainstream. Take the recent boom of leather jackets not to mention the worldwide sweep of plaid this last year with still much more to come.


If you’re looking for good quality punk rock clothing, their are numerous brands that bring this style alive today namely Darkside Clothing, Poizen Industries, TUK Shoes, Living Dead Souls, Iron Fist Clothing and >Dead Threads.