Sheer Lace shirt by Jawbreaker Clothing

The Jawbreaker’s Sheer Lace shirt offers you an innovative and stylishly designed shirt this summer season that’s second to none. It’s another masterpiece with unique designs and features made by the Jawbreaker family and available at Eggs n Chips Clothing, London.

This breath-taking lace shirt offers you a ‘combo’ design of a black button up embroidered lace shirt on a delicate but exquisite sheer black lace fabric. There is no way you won’t get noticed once in the sheer lace shirt.

Carefully styled with black floral embroidery on a black sheer lace fabric that helps bare more necessities; creating the kill, creating the appeal!

The Sheer lace shirt, beautifully structured with cold shoulder design. The black cuff and collar designs are carefully made with satin fabric just to keep you trendy this summer.

With a black functional button and a dipped hem around the edges of the shirt, the sheer lace shirt promises an all-in-one shirt that first drives you crazy and makes you the center of attraction.

Sheer lace shirt by Jawbreaker is a true to size fit shirt and so your perfect match anytime, anywhere. It offers you high-quality technology driven fabric made from 97% polyester and 3% elastane to give it the needed durability and shine only a Sheer lace dress by Jawbreaker can have.

If you’ve got taste, style and class; then the Sheer Lace shirt by Jawbreaker is specifically designed for your nights out, hang-outs with friends, party and other social events.

The dress’ dipped hem offers you an undulating styled outfit with an all-around feel of goodness ready to boost your confidence!

The Sheer lace shirt is available now at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London for immediate purchase. Your order comes with a 14-day money back guarantee in line with Eggs n Chips return policy.