Killstar Sleeveless Vest Top
The Killstar Sleeveless Vest Top

93% Viscose, 7% Elastane Sleeveless

The Sleeveless Vest Top is another outstanding outfit from KILLSTAR clothing. It is also available on the leading clothing store Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

This beautifully designed vest top will give you that irresistible look perfect for a date night. It’s a sleeveless black vest top suitable for your casual or in jacket look. It will surely make you look classy and the center of attraction in that bar, club, or party.  

The Sleeveless Top is an elegant vest top that will give you style, class, and that hot girl look. It is a black vest top with lace up at the mid area of your chest. It also has a wide low neck that reveals your upper back to give you a perfect fit.

This Sleeveless Vest comes in different sizes from S- XX-Large sixes too fit women of different sizes and shapes.

This sleeveless vest top by KILLSTAR never fails to distinguish you from the crowd. It is a beautiful design for the matured in high sense fashion. It has a black background that can fit perfectly on any and everything without restriction. Match your beautiful vest top on a black/red/white/blue etc. pants, shorts, or skirt.

KILLSTAR clothing is all about excellence and value. It is made from high-quality fabric, with 93% Viscose, 7% Elastane to give you assurance and longevity. This fabric will not fade from washing and wearing; it will last for as long as possible.

You can always find our clothing on the leading alternative clothing store the UK, Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

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Jawbreaker Clothing – Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top

This Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by jawbreaker Clothing is not for any normal women , it is only for special ,joyful, unique and gusty ladies who want to add a gorgeous piece to their wardrobe to be special when they wear it .

This special modern and gusty Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by Jawbreaker Clothing  gives you the most modern and gusty look that you have been looking for .

Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by Jawbreaker Clothing comes in bell full length sleeves and scooped neckline with necklace style collar .

Jawbreaker Clothing provides this Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top in 100 % polyester for the best fitness .

Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by Jawbreaker Clothing fits all women sizes as it comes in all sizes from small to extra large , so don’t worry you surly will find your size easily .

Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by Jawbreaker Clothing will be fantastic and has the most modern look if you wear it with black skirt even short or long .

Feel free to wear and wash Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by jawbreaker Clothing  many times because Jawbreaker Clothing gives you this product with long time washing guarantee .

Each special lady searches for special , modern and gusty look can only find the special  Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by Jawbreaker clothing in clothing stores in UK , Egg n Chips Clothing, London .

Now you have the best purchasing opportunity as you can buy this Black Mystic Bell Sleeve Top by Jawbreaker Clothing with money back in the first 14 days after purchasing.

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity from Jawbreaker Clothing to have the most special , gusty and joyful look with these facilities.

Black Logan top by Banned Apparel

The Banned Apparel is at its best again with the Black Logan top, presenting an utterly cute looking top with an excellent concept of a skull print.

The Black Logan top is a sleeveless waist length black top that sure fits perfectly to any skirt or pant of choice for your nights out, social outings and special event.

The selection of a free neck or a scoop neckline and a tattered design at the rear all helps you bare enough necessities to give that crushing and irresistible appeal anytime anywhere.

Black skull print concept in the fashion industry always creates the needed attention and aesthetic appeal that is best appreciated when you find yourself in a Black Logan top by Banned Apparel.

The touch of four white flower print around the skull in front of the top is well intended to create a blend of black and white which is always known to get you noticed even the more.

Not to worry, lose no sleep issue of sizes as we have just the right size for everyone, from small to extra-large. And with a great fabric made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane knit plus quality print technology, the Black Logan top is a must for your wardrobe.

This white print on a black top offers you no chance to see it fade out soon as it’s made from high-quality prints all to keep you feeling sassy and on top of your game for long.

Banned Apparel knows just what you need to keep you feeling confident always with this Black Logan skull and flower print top for the young and bold only.

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