100% Cotton

This unisex FASHION T-SHIRT from KILLSTAR keeps you looking glamorous and pleased. It is a T-shirt made for both Men and women. You and your partner can even wear a pair.

Our glamorous short length sleeve and round shape neck prepare you to stand out in every gathering. You will always have that feeling of class wearing the Skull T-Shirt.

This round neck casual T-shirt has a modern and stylish look and lets you fit in perfectly at parties. It’s a unisex T-shirt so you can wear it with your spouse, opposite-sex sibling or even a friend. It allows you to keep with the 21st-century trend.

It is a black T-shirt with a white skull printings at the front. You can wear it with black or white pants, shorts, or a skirt. It gives you the feeling of high sense fashion and that killer look.

THE KILLSTAR UNISEX SKULL T-SHIRT comes in 100 % cotton for that feeling of comfort. It is very durable wear that will stand the test of time. You can wear and wash for as long as you will have it. It is a high-quality T-shirt that will not fade out even after several washing.

THE UNISEX SKULL T-SHIRT is an outfit made for every man and woman who wants that outstanding look in every gathering. It comes in the different sizes to fit your different body shape and size. It ranges from Small (S) to XX-Large sizes.

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